We work with the best professionals in the industry to protect your health and finances. Not only are we highly experienced in helping injured people make a comeback from serious injury, we are equally prepared to make sure all your needs are met while you deal with all that takes place after a wreck injury. Each case will be given a detailed full report describing any injuries so you (and your attorney if necessary) will have no question as to the extent of your injuries and level of care.

If necessary, Dr. Taylor will co-treat with other physicians to make sure you receive the best care possible. Depending on the severity of your condition, MRI examinations, pain management, orthopedic and/or neurologic referrals are sometimes necessary to help obtain your best overall outcome. We work with some of the best doctors in the area and are happy to help you, even if we determine that Chiropractic is not right for your case. Although you may feel bombarded by lawyer advertisements where ever you go these days, should you need legal advice, we will be happy to help direct you to some (of who we feel) of best attorneys in the area.

In New York, all necessary care is paid for in full by your auto coverage. So most often, there is no out of pocket cost for treatment at our office. We know you may have a lot of questions to make sure you and your family are cared for in the most honest and caring manner. That’s why I suggest calling our office and asking all the questions you have before deciding to use our services or anyone’s services for that matter. We are confident you will be glad that you chose our office to handle your care. Your well being too important to trust to just anyone.

We are at your service.

Dr. Thomas J. Taylor, DC